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Why Invest In Diamonds?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why diamonds are a great investment.

Firstly, they are highly desirable across the globe; they retain their value across worldwide markets and are accepted internationally. Diamonds are a particularly secure investment because they aren’t affected by currency changes such as inflation and market collapse like so many other types of investment. This dependability means that they are a particularly attractive form of investment during unstable times.

Diamonds are beautiful to look at and they have become synonymous with romance and love, which makes them a particularly enjoyable form of investment. Diamonds are very popular for wedding rings and engagement jewelry, and this trend is unlikely to change. This means that there will always be a market to resell diamonds when you choose to cash in on your investment. The natural qualities of diamonds make them unfailingly durable so that your investment is far more secure than other forms.

Diamonds are mysterious objects; they are highly discreet and can be transported very easily. However, as soon as you decide to show your diamond investment to others you can be sure that the natural beauty of your chosen investment will gain respect and captivation.

Another great reason to invest in diamonds is that they are anonymous and therefore bankruptcy-proof. Whilst other luxury goods de-value over time, the value of diamonds grows stronger as they become a rarer natural resource over time.

Diamond’s are known as a ‘girl’s best friend’ and the main reason for this is that they are one of the few forms of investment that allows the owner additional enjoyment as they can wear their investment. No two diamonds are alike and this is what makes them particularly beautiful, women commonly wear their diamonds in jewelry meaning that it is a form of wealth that you can show off and diamonds often carry high emotional wealth to their owner.

Investment Diamonds – D, E or F Coloured Diamonds

Assessing the quality and investment potential of a diamond is a skilled job because there are many elements to consider. Firstly, you must consider the colour of a diamond: D, E or F are the most recommended colours for white diamonds if you are looking for an investment purchase. D denotes the clearest colourless diamonds with E and F falling closely behind.

Vivid, naturally-coloured diamonds are also be valuable but it’s worth checking that there is a sufficient demand for your chosen colour before making a purchase in this market. Colourless diamonds are always a safer investment.

Secondly, when choosing diamonds for investment, it is necessary to choose the right carat. A diamond’s carat is sometimes confused with its size; this isn’t the case as the carat refers to its weight. Therefore if you see a smaller diamond with a higher carat then it is likely that the smaller diamond with the higher carat will appear more beautiful when viewed carefully. We recommend that for investment purposes you select diamonds with a carat value between 1ct and 6ct. This is so that it is easy to re-sell the diamond at a later date.

The third thing to consider when selecting a diamond for investment is its clarity. There are a great range of clarities available in the diamond market starting from Flawless and going right down to S13. It is recommended that you choose a clarity of VS2 or higher, which means that any features and marks on the diamond cannot be viewed by a trained eye using a magnification loupe and certainly not to the unaided eye.

To conclude, when choosing diamonds for investment purposes it’s vital to consider the 4 C’s – clarity, cut, carat and colour. Only then can you be sure that the diamond you are purchasing will be a stable and worthy form of investment. The balance between rarity and marketability is also very important because it is not worthwhile purchasing a high quality diamond in a colour that there is no market for as this will make it very difficult to sell at a later date. It’s always worth consulting an expert to help you make your diamond purchase.

We have advised about and / or procured diamonds for many investors and their diamond investment requirements. Please use the form below to enquire and mention that the purpose is for investment. We are here to help.

What our clients say

To say I was amazed by the final ring in person was an understatement. The ring was exactly as I and more importantly my fiancée wanted. The quality of the finished item was superb and the after sales service equally so. Going forward I will be purchasing all my jewellery from Dubai Diamonds and would highly recommend others to do so.

Mr Tom Gardner, London, U.K.