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Caring For the Diamond

A diamond ring will be fairly durable, particularly if you have it set in platinum but you should still take the proper precautions in the event of loss or damage.


Given the high value of a diamond ring it makes sense to insure it against loss, theft and damage. After all, your fiancée will be wearing it for the rest of her life and although she will treat it with massive care and love, accidents do happen.

Most household insurance policies can have high-value jewellery added to it for either an extra premium or a larger one-off fee that covers the insurance on that ring for a number of years.

Photography of Ring 

It is highly recommended that you take some high quality photos of your ring as this will help if you ever need to make an insurance claim for it. It may also be a prerequisite before some insurance companies will insure it.

Getting It Valued 

Ideally this will have been carried out when you got the appraisal done on the diamond, but if not, you will need to get a valuation done in order to obtain insurance for the ring.

Keeping That Sparkle 

Anything that is worn on the hands day after day is going to get dirty and a diamond ring is no exception.

Warm water with some mild soap detergent and a toothbrush will bring back that beautiful sparkle with some gentle scrubbing. Vodka is said to also work well. Pat the ring dry with a lint-free cloth. Camera lens cloths work well for this.

Jewellers will sell specialised cleaning solutions for the diamond ring that have little baths the ring can soak in overnight.

Don’t store the diamond ring with anything else diamond because the diamond ring may be scratched by the other pieces of jewellery.

Having a Replica Made 

For the extra security conscious having a replica of the diamond ring made from Cubic Zirconia can be a further attractive measure to prevent the true ring being stolen or lost. This would be beneficial for when your fiancée is doing anything where the diamond may be at risk. Examples of these might be swimming, or travelling in different countries where there is an increased risk of mugging.

Store it Somewhere Safe 

You should also think about somewhere to keep the diamond when it is not being worn where it will be completely safe – literally.

Always store the diamond ring in its original ring box, and put it somewhere hidden from view.

What our clients say

To say I was amazed by the final ring in person was an understatement. The ring was exactly as I and more importantly my fiancée wanted. The quality of the finished item was superb and the after sales service equally so. Going forward I will be purchasing all my jewellery from Dubai Diamonds and would highly recommend others to do so.

Mr Tom Gardner, London, U.K.