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Conflict-Free Diamonds From Dubai Diamonds

Dubai Diamonds is a registered jeweller. is an organisation pledged to stopping the exploitation of the diamond trade by human rights abusers.

Blood diamonds, often called conflict diamonds, are mined in war-torn African countries by rebels to fund their conflict. The rebels grossly abuse human rights, often murdering and enslaving the local populations to mine the diamonds. Duabi Diamonds helps to stop this by purchasing legitimate diamonds.


Make sure any jeweller you deal with only trades in conflict-free diamonds.

What our clients say

To say I was amazed by the final ring in person was an understatement. The ring was exactly as I and more importantly my fiancée wanted. The quality of the finished item was superb and the after sales service equally so. Going forward I will be purchasing all my jewellery from Dubai Diamonds and would highly recommend others to do so.

Mr Tom Gardner, London, U.K.